Hi, there, it's me - PRYTYK (Tuly Graphyness). I'm a cartoonist & illustrator living in Jerusalem, Israel. Yep... there are not only breaking political news from this city. Mayby, such location makes me to draw more funny stories? Who knows? But, I do believe that humor connects people.

My drawing style is reminiscent of comics. Using black and white contrast enables me to emphasize a narrative construction of my drawings.                                                                                                                                      During the last decade I've drawn mainly for my project - GRAPHYNESS - a line of textile prints. But, sometimes I feel the drawings try to break the boundaries of this medium and to find their own way beyond it. This why I decided to start this blog and to give these drawings a chance for a new life beyond physical and geographical limitations.    

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Cooperation and sharing is welcome. Sharing for non-commercial purposes is FREE by mentioning of credits ("Prytyk" is definitely enough). 

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Some of my last projects below: 

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