From illustration to cartoon, in 5 steps.

How we perceipt characters and bring them to a cartoon? I suppose, there are some common points for all of us in this creative process, despite of huge variability of illustration styles. 

I believe, many cartoonists deal with transmission of illustrated characters into a cartoon at some stage, even if the process is rather subconscious. We make some kind of simplification and refinement during this process. 

In my project below I started to deal with the transmission at the very beginning. 

Step 1. (Hastily night photo... 😁)

But, It does't always happen at the beginning. Sometimes, it feels like there was not any "transmission" at all. In the case below I was lucky to catch the stages and to digitize them.  

Step 2. A Digital Sketch. Still illustration...

Step 3. Turning into a cartoon... Find the differences 😆

Step 4. Finishing 

Step 5. Immediately uploaded to Twitter... :))) Now it's official... - I did go through a process...😅😁😝

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